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The Challenge

To remain independent, loyal and dedicated to our clients.   Eagle Land Title Agency is a family owned and operated truly independent title insurance agency for over 35+ years.  Our values keep us focused  on “doing the right things, for the right reasons.”

At Eagle, we take pride in staying truly independent (see top 10 reasons to use an independent) because we feel it is right for you, our customer. You deserve to have complete control and choice over your financial decisions. You deserve to pay a fair price for the services received.

The Solution

Some companies choose to participate in Affiliated Business Arrangements, where real estate agents, builders and lenders create a “shell” company designed to funnel a steady stream of clients to their favorite title agency in return for a split of the profits based on their individual shares;  limiting choice and actually costing consumers more money than if they went to a independent agent.    Let’s just call it what it is:     A controlled business arrangement.  Most people would say this is a conflict of interest.  We say it is not in the best interest of our clients and we refuse to participate.

How can you tell if your real estate agent or lender is actually involved in an Affiliated Business Arrangement? What can you do about it?      Look at the Not on Our Watch page.

So What Do We Do?

The parties in any real estate deal are appreciative of an efficient closing with no unpleasant surprises.  At Eagle we take care of the details!   We start by researching the title thoroughly to eliminate risks and title problems which sets the foundation for a very smooth closing.

Eagle is committed to make your closing run as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions regarding your closing please feel free to call and ask anytime. Since we have a deep understanding and appreciation for the consumer, there is never a stupid question. We will walk you through the closing process, one step at a time. Together we can make the closing process go quickly, efficiently and become a pleasant experience for everyone.

The keys to a smooth closing are good communication and adequate preparation. Eagle plays a key role in both areas, by acting as a clearinghouse for information and as an independent third party to handle and disburse the funds, prepare many documents and manage the closing process.

Ingredients for a great closing!

  • Experience 100% 100%
  • Integrity 100% 100%
  • Value 100% 100%

At Eagle we do a roundtable style closing. This means that typically all parties will come to the table and complete the transaction at the same time. However, if you need to make other arrangements by pre-signing your documents (if selling) or utilizing a Power of Attorney please make us aware of this situation way ahead of time. Also, budget about one hour for closing, however, most closings are done in less time.

Real estate closings should be a happy experience for all involved. The Seller is receiving money, the Purchaser is acquiring a new home and the professionals handling the sale are getting paid. Our 35+ years of experience at Eagle can help make sure your closing is a smooth one, with a happy ending.

Our Office

216 Bradenton Avenue, Dublin, Ohio 43017

No hidden fees. We mean it!

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The more things change, the more we stay the same.

Without the pressure of doing business with any particular company, we do not pay referral fees or incentives to real estate professionals.

Instead, we pass these savings back to our customers!

Testimonials – the proof in the pudding.

The staff at Eagle uses something that is missing in today’s market – they have and use the personal touch. They treat everyone of our Clients just as though they are Family.

We use Eagle for our closings because they are fast, flexible and GREAT to work with. Eagle also does not charge our clients with extra fees which helps save our clients money. Thanks Steve and Jim for all your hard work!

I’ve been dealing with Eagle for 8+ years and they are one of the most knowledgeable title companies in Columbus. The entire staff is absolutely wonderful to work with and they are willing to work with your schedule however you need.

We Are a Company of Passionate People

James Squeo

James Squeo

CEO of make your deal close

Ginny Squeo

Ginny Squeo

Title Operations and Friendliness

Rudy Squeo

Rudy Squeo

Quality Control

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