Determined to sell your home yourself?

Waiting to have a title exam performed can result in delays in selling your home, not being able to move on time, or even losing your buyer!

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Determined to sell your home, Eagle Land Title Agency can help.    We can provide information on how to get the process started and provide answers to the most commonly asked questions.   Our services include title insurance and real estate closings tailored to meet individual needs.

Let our knowledge and experience of the real estate industry assist you with your real estate transaction.    If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us directly at (614) 763-5263 for further information.

How can we help you?

Preparing  your home ready to sale is complicated enough, without encountering problems before you actually find a buyer for your home.   That is why we would like to eliminate the burden on you.  The cornerstone to any real estate transaction is a thorough examination of the title.  We recommend that as soon as you make the decision to put your home on the market, you initiate our FSBO Express program.

How does the program work?

You take control of your sale by starting your title examination early.   With our FSBO Express, you are paying for the same title exam that you are required to have before you can transfer your property. By performing the title examination early you’re reassured that there are no defects in your title, ensuring your title is marketable.   The advantages are manifest.   The parties in any real estate deal are appreciative of a smooth, efficient closing.

This information will, in turn, relieve you of the potential delays and surprises which could stop or slow your sales process.  Waiting to have a title exam performed can result in delays in receiving your proceeds check, not being able to move on time, or even losing your buyer! 

This will also entitle you to several other services:

  • Title Commitment – A title commitment is a document that iterates the details surrounding the property. It lists the various requirements, exclusions, and exceptions behind issuing title insurance on the property. It’s also a promise to issue title insurance as long as all stipulations in Section B are met. Without a title commitment, the buyer knows little about the property’s possible peculiarities such as a third-party ruling body like a condo association or any right-of-way existing on the property.
  • Net to Seller Sheet.      The Net to Seller Sheet provides a detailed estimate of expected charges and expenses with the final amount being the proceeds of the sale of the property.
  • Home Sellers Seminar (when available)

How do I start the FSBO Express program?

It’s easy.   Call us at (614) 763-5263 for assistance or start by using our secure Online Order Form  below for fast registration and secure payment, then just fax, email or mail us your prior title insurance policy (Owners Title Policy) that you received when you purchased your home.

We at Eagle Land Title Agency will remain ready to do whatever we can to assist you in overcoming any problems along the way which will help you have a smooth closing!

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