For Real Estate Agents – Get Paid Twice!

Help your customers get what they want, your clients depend heavily on the guidance and recommendation of you, their fiduciary.

Eagle Land Title Agency does not participate in Affiliated Business Agreements.

This is an active choice we make to better meet your needs and help your clients. We do not pay referral fees or incentives to real estate professionals.

Instead, we provide unparalleled customer service and competitive rates and pass these savings onto your clients to make you look like a superhero.

Consumers are more educated than ever and they know what they want: the best choice at the best price. They also want their best interests kept in the forefront throughout their real estate transaction.

Help your customers get what they want.

Choosing a title company can be confusing and overwhelming.  Your clients depend heavily on the guidance and recommendation of you, their fiduciary.  We suggest that you help them shop and compare 3 different independent title agencies for price, service and convenience.

As a real estate professional you can present these options to your clients and guide them in making their best choice. We are confident that you’ll like what you see and that you will come out on top! The advantages for a real estate agent to use an independent title agent are manifest.

Besides the commission, your clients will be more likely to recommend your services to others which in turn can result in rising trust, more referrals and bullet proof integrity for the real estate professional.  See, I told you – that you would get paid twice!

Dare to lead by offering solutions to your clients.

What else can a real estate agent do to make their deals close smoother?

Avoid frustration and added stress at the time of contract and closing. Insure that your deal is ready to close!

Eagle’s Escrow Express was designed for real estate agents and sellers to take care of problems before they stop your deal cold in its tracks.   How does the program work?  Simply take control of your deal by starting your title examination at the time of  listing.

By performing the title examination early you can eliminate some of the most common problems:   Unreleased Mortgages,  Unresolved Divorce decree problems, Unresolved Bankruptcies issues, Unresolved Foreclosure issues, State and Federal Tax Lien Issues, Probate Problems, Erroneous Liens, Deeds not executed properly and many other title defects.

The advantages are manifest.  The parties in any real estate deal are appreciative of a smooth, efficient closing.   And besides, a well handled closing and transfer of title results in rising prestige, referrals and continuing business for the real estate agent and seller as well.

How does your client start Escrow Express?

It’s easy, use our secure Online Order Form  below for fast registration and secure payment, then just fax, upload or email us the prior evidence of title (Owners Title Policy).

We at Eagle Land Title will remain ready to do whatever we can to assist the real estate agent and sellers in overcoming or insuring title problems and in helping to close troubled real estate transactions which might otherwise fall by the wayside.

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