Your closing doesn't need to cost extra of thousands of dollars,

it just needs to feel like it does.

For Sellers

In the central Ohio market when using the standard local contract, the seller generally pays the bulk of the closing costs – real estate commissions, settlement fees, title insurance, transfer taxes, unpaid real estate taxes and other items. Once you have decided to sell your home, you can get a no obligation, no cost quote below for our services and know your closing costs in minutes. Our fees are always straightforward. Our ultimate goal is to best meet your needs and we will do whatever it takes to provide the best customer service and price for you. For more information on the actual closing process click here.

Staying independent for you!

At Eagle, we take pride in staying independent. If your real estate agent is telling you to use their “in-house” title company, read our Not on Our Watch and the Top 10 reasons to use an Independent before you proceed any further. You deserve to have complete control and choice over your financial decisions. You deserve to pay a fair price for the services received.

Some companies choose to participate in Affiliated Business Arrangements, where real estate agents, builders and lenders are linked to one another, limiting choice and actually costing consumers more money than if they went to a independent agent.  Some people would say this is a conflict of interest. We say it is not in the best interest of our clients and we refuse to participate. How can you tell if your representative is actually involved in an Affiliated Business Arrangement? What can you do about it? Look at the Not on Our Watch page.

Instead, we offer several innovative programs for sellers – the FSBO Express program for sellers without real estate agents and for sellers with agents – our legendary Escrow Express program to use before you list your property. Both  programs can save on closing costs and removes the hidden “junk” fees which in turn can save hundreds of dollars per closing while making it quicker and easier to close.

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