Top 10 Reasons to Use an Independent

  • CHOICE – We empower you to make the best choices possible. We suggest you shop and compare 3 different independent title agencies for price, service and convenience. We are confident that you’ll like what you see and that you will come out on top!
  • FIDIUCIARY – Only an independent title agency has NO CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.  Plus, real estate professionals have a fiduciary duty to their client and need to keep their clients best interest in mind. Self-dealing, unfair business practices, anti-competitive business practices, conspiracy to defraud, unjust enrichment and interference with a fiduciary relationship are just a few of the problems. Not to mention, we caution, what better way to lock-in business, destroy competition and raise prices without consequences than to incentivize fiduciaries to manipulate their clients about choosing a title company?
  • SAVINGS – We don’t participate in Affiliated Business Arrangements (AfBAs). This is an active choice we make to better meet your needs and serve you. We do not pay referral fees, inducements or incentives to real estate or lending professionals. Instead, we pass these savings on to our customers.
  • AUTONOMY – With freedom of one’s action, we are less pressured into doing business with any particular person or company, therefore, customer service, competitive pricing, quality of work and higher standards are always in mind for our customers.
  • INTEGRITY – We value our relationships to be truthful and honest. This allows us to focus on what we do best: looking out for your needs, providing choices and protecting you, our customer. We feel it is a duty and privilege to serve you.
  • LEGAL REPRESENTATION – We believe that all parties to a real estate transaction should be represented by legal counsel.
  • PLEDGE – We not only adhere to higher standards of professionalism and integrity but have made a pledge to the consuming public.  The independent title agent is the only sovereign participant in the real estate transaction.  We are the keepers and protectors of the courthouse records as an additional benefit to the consumers of this country.
  • TRANSPARENCY – Since when does it make sense to have the real estate agent or lender examine their own title work? Homebuyers and sellers are often completely reliant on a real estate agent and/or lender for expertise and advice on all aspects of a real estate transaction, including finding a title company, but some real estate agents and lenders knowingly place their clients in a position of complete vulnerability and then “take financial advantage” of them by sending them to their in-house title company.
  • SAFEGUARDS – We are a neutral third party providing the safeguards, integrity and “checks and balance” to the transaction. It is our position that real estate agents and lenders should have NO involvement with the title agent who is supposed to uncover and disclose to all parties all potential and possible problems with the transaction.
  • TRUTH – We don’t believe in the “One Stop Shopping” OSS concept. In-house title agencies are just smoke and mirrors. Even more startling is that consumers are actually told by the real estate associations like RESPRO.ORG that they want OSS and bundled services. If OSS were properly disclosed to consumers we believe that the truth would far outweigh any claimed benefit. OSS removes all the safeguards, eliminates competition, representation and violates the consumers best interest.
Who’s gonna watch the Hen House if you hire the fox?

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