For most Americans, their home is their major investment. People protect their investment by insuring it, making needed repairs, etc. It is also vitally important that they know the boundary lines of the property they own and to determine if other such encroachments such as a neighboring fences exist. A survey will also tell you whether the legal description of your property is accurate.
When purchasing a home or a parcel of land, people need the services of a Professional Land Surveyor, licensed in the State of Ohio.
Surveys are also done to determine utility easements, accessibility to the property, joint driveways, encroachments, overhangs or projections. It is not uncommon for a utility company to have the right to access and use part of your property for the maintenance of underground or above ground utility lines such as gas, electric, phone and cable.
“Also, before making any improvements such as home additions, new garages, driveways, fences, or even landscaping, you need to know that you are making the improvements on the land you own rather than on your neighbor’s land”, says AJ Myers of Myers Surveying Company.
Surveyors can also certify that you are not in a Flood Plain and help you avoid costly insurance. Surveyors are needed if you are dividing your land, if you are having a boundary dispute with your neighbor, if you have a deed that you may believe is incorrect.
Protect your major investment, contact AJ Myers of Myers Surveying Company, a highly reputable Professional Land Surveyor.

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